Attendance and Cancellation Policy


Nurse Delegation requires completion of a basic training course (such as CNA , HCA or core class) and an active health professional license (such as active HCA, active CNA or active RNA) .

Insulin Delegation also requires completion of Nurse Delegation class.   Please bring your certifications to verify. 

CPR for Health Professionals  requires a current CPR-First Aid certificate. Please bring your certifications to verify. 

Attendance/Cancellation Policy:

The CNA program does  not have any prerequisites but does require a background check and a English reading test.  Applications are provided at informational meetings.  CNA and HCA programs follow state guidelines for vocational schools.  Attendance, withdrawal, tuition repayment are discussed at the Information Sessions.  Attendance to all classes is mandatory. 

Text books -  Tuition for one day courses includes any required text books.  Books should be reviewed PRIOR to class.

Refunds - Tuition is reimbursable until 24 hours before class. 

Re-testing for failed or missed tests, when allowed, is $45 for any tests not taken and/or passed on the scheduled date.  

For all classes: Certificates are issued at the end of the course (or completion of tests as appropriate). Cost of the certificate is included in the tuition, however there is a $15 fee for second or replacement certificates.

Accommodation is available to any student with special needs (such as presence of an interpreter or use of an electronic device).  To request accommodation, contact the program director at least two weeks prior to class.

Electronic devices are not permitted in class unless approved by the director for an accommodation. 

Fragrances are not allowed in the classroom.  Please refrain from perfume or colognes as many individuals are sensitive to respiratory irritants.Anyone wearing a noticeable fragrance will be required to leave the classroom and re-enroll at full tuition.

No Admittance 15 minutes after the start of class as this can interfere with your learning as well as the learning of other students.  Anyone 15 minutes late (or more) will need to reschedule at full tuition.

Code of conduct -any behavior or activity which interferes with the learning of other students is cause for removal from class.  The full code of conduct is available for review upon request.  

Tuition  Payments

Your employer maybe helping you with the costs of training. We are happy to work with you, please keep in mind your arrangement is between you and your employer.  Tuition and other fees are the student’s responsibility.

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