sending your employees to class

Register for Class

It's best if your staff register themselves, this ensures they get an email confirmation or notices of any changes

If you need to register for your staff, please have then read the attendance policy .

Space is reserved when tuition is received.  Please have your staff register early.

Payment Options

Tuition is due at the time of registration to reserve space.   

Credit cards - Once your employee has registered, they can save their shopping cart so that you can input your credit card information.

Invoices - Contracted facilities may be invoiced prior to the start of class. 

Sending invoices to "corporate" can be pretty time consuming, so let us know in advance of much as possible. 

Non-contracted businesses may be invoiced for amount of $250 or more.   All invoices are net 30 day.

Other Stuff

BOOKS - We hope your people can get their books - and read them - before class.  There's more information the books than there is time in the class.

FAILED TESTS- There is a fee to retake a failed or missed test.  Not all classes allow retakes.   This is discussed in the Attendance Policy.

REFUNDS - Tuition is fully refundable when requested a minimum of  24 hours before class.

MISSED CLASS - No-Show requires the student to re enroll in a future class at full tuition. 

Got a question

Drop us a line!