sending your employees to class

Register for Class

It's best if your staff register thenselves, but you for them.

At checkout, there is an option for "Other Payment".  Check this box to receive an email invoice.

We encourage the student to enroll themselves as this directes them to read the Attendance Policy.  They will also receive email notifications.

When you register for your employee, please have your staff  to read our attendance policy. 

Space is reserved when tuition is received.  Please have your staff register early.

Payment Options

Business checks - you may send  a business check with your employee.  We can not accept personal checks.  

Credit cards - Once your employee has registered, they can save their shopping cart so that you can input your credit card information

Invoices - We are happy to email you an invoice several days prior to class.  Invoices may be paid securely via the email link.

Need to send invoices to corporate?  This can be pretty time consuming, so let us know in advance of much as possible.

Other Stuff

We hope your people can get their books - and read them - before class.  There's more information the books than there is time in the class.

Retest fee - Some classes allow one retest.  If the test is failed a second time the student must repeat the class at full tuition. This is discussed in the Attendance Policy

Tuition is refundable with a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation. 

No-Show requires the student to reenroll in a future class at full tuition. 


Got a billing question

Drop us a line!