Please contact the office before using the shopping cart

Please contact the office before using the shopping cart

Please contact the office before using the shopping cartPlease contact the office before using the shopping cart

Information Meetings


Please register for a meeting


    February 15th, Saturday, 9-10 am

                        optional download below


So, what do I do?   Check the calendars for dates and times.  You can show up but we appreciate registrations so we have enough handouts. Use the form below to register.

We recommend you choose a meeting a month before you want to start.  It can take some time to get all the stuff we need for you to start a class.  

What should I bring to the Info Session?   Just you...picture ID is handy but not required at the meetings.  

What if I really can't make it to an Info Meeting?   Well, if you really really...really, can't make it in person,  Scroll down for the on-line version

Can I submit an application at the meeting? Sure, but you don't have to. You can take the paperwork home and submit it when you are ready.  

Is there any cost for the meeting or application? There is no cost to attend an Info Session.   There is an application fee of $100 for CNA programs , $50 for HCA and Bridge programs. 

Is the application refundable if I change my mind?  Sure up to two days before class starts. We talk about all the details at the Info Sessions.  

 What happens after the meeting? When you submit an application, we review your background check and schedule your class. You will get an email confirming your class start date.  

What if my plans change? No problem, we can put you on the email list for future classes. 

Please tell us what date you plan to attend

Sign up for a Information Meeting

Care Plus Training

can't make it to an info session


Information Session - download stuff BELOW

Required before class

Background check

     Submit a current background code number from BCCU.

 Learner's Permit

     Get your RNA number from the Health Department

Health Information

      Send your immunization record, or other documentation, with 2 Step PPD  

Ready to enroll

Use the shopping cart to pay application fee, tuition and books in full.   Supplies and uniforms are extra.

What about a payment plan?  No problem just attend an Info Session to set up  a payment plan

downloads - Review before using the shopping cart to enroll

Still have a question? Drop us a line