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Class Schedule

Our fast track program lets you complete training in only 6 weeks.   Twice a week class plus one skill lab a week.  Morning and evening skill labs available. Scroll down for a downloadable sample schedule.

Our Clinical Sites

We have clinical sites in Port Orchard, Bremerton and Silverdale.  You will be scheduled for 5 clinical shifts.  Day and  evening clinicals are available.

Supplies You'll Need

You may bring your own supplies or get supplies from Care Plus.  You will need a stethoscope, blood rpessure cuff, transfer belt and teal colored scrubs.

Costs and Funding

There are several ways to help pay for classes and supplies from sponsors to payment plans.  

Tuition and books are $695.  Uniforms and supplies will depend on what you wish to purchase.  There are  testing and state fees to budget for as well.  

We'll go over all of this at the Info Sessions.

State testing

Pearson Vue is the testing company for Washington State CNA testing.  They have several test locations across the state.  There is lots of information at their web site:

Getting your License

When you have passed the Pearson VUe test, you'll apply for your CNA license with the Department of Health.  We'll help through through every step.

Sounds good - so now what


You've made a great start already

Your next step is to attend an Information Session.   Certification classes meet twice a week. CNA students have an additional week of clinical.  Clinicals, dates, times, costs, supplies, books...all are discussed at the Info Sessions. 

Step One - Information Sessions

This is were you meet instructors, talk about costs, days, times, and clinicals.  Employment and funding providers (such are Work Source) often attend as well.

Info Sessions are offered a couple times a month, take about an hour, and there is absolutely no obligation. You can apply to the program after the meeting or take the application home and submit the application when you are ready.

FInd an info session

Step Two - Submitting your application

You may submit your application anytime after you have attended an Informational Session. 

You are ready to apply, you will need to submit a DSHS background check, the Care Plus application form, and the application fee of $100.  This can be done at an Information Session or on-line.  Once your background check clears you will be scheduled for class.

The application fee is fully refundable when requested with a minimum of 48 hours prior to start of class.

The DSHS background check process can take 2 weeks or more, so we encourage you to apply well in advance of the class.

 Scroll down for a downloadable extras. 

Step Three - Funding Resources

We discuss funding resources at Info Sessions.  Work source and Kitsap Community Resources are great places to start.  If you haven't already, you may want to meet with Work Source or Kitsap Community Resources  or your VA counsellor, early in the process.

Care Plus will also work with you on a payment plan, so come in and talk with us.

Step Four - First day of class

About two weeks before class starts you will get an email confirming you are on track and giving you instructions. Bring your ID, payment, pen and paper.  Dress comfortably and feel free to bring drinks and snacks.

All classrooms and offices are FRAGRANCE FREE

No perfume, colognes or strong scents please.  Chemical sensitivities are a growing problem. Employers are required to make “reasonable accommodations” for people “sensitive” to “environmental toxins”. — Breathing is necessary to live. Wearing fragrance is not. People become disabled from fragrances and other environmental toxins.

FInd an Info session

More about the application process


the application process - its a piece of cake

We go over everything you need at the Info Sessions - But here's  a sneak peak:

Submit the application after the Information Session.    At that time we will help you with getting your  DSHS Background check.   Here's the link   if you want to check it out :

When you submit your application you'll need:

      Personal email (not your work email)

     Application fee of $100

     Picture ID

     DSHS background check


You will get a confirmation email about a week before class.  If you don't get an email, contact us.  Your email is your student account identifier

The entrance test - not as bad as it sounds - is given at the first class. This is ensure that you are able to read, write and understand English.  If you don't pass, your registration fee will be refunded.  You can try after a few months.

You also need to register with the Department of Health (the famous RNA).  This is required before clinical, but the sooner you get it done the better.  We go over this at the Info Session, but here's the link if you want to check it out:  


We'd love to meet you. Join us for an Info Meeting

Information Sessions